Putting a Face on It: Individual Exposure and Subjectivity in Journalism

Volume editors:
Birgitte Kjos Fonn, Harald Hornmoen, Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Yngve Benestad Hågvar
Chapter authors:
Nina Blom Andersen, Isabel Bech, Tine Ustad Figenschou, Birgitte Kjos Fonn, Anders Gjesvik, Ingvild Tennøe Haugen, Harald Hornmoen, Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Maria Konow Lund, Eva-Karin Olsson, Hugh O'Donnell, Silje Pileberg, Anne Hege Simonsen, Steen Steensen


Putting a Face on It drøfter hvordan eksponering av individer og subjektive erfaringer i dag kan prege de fleste journalistiske temaer og områder, fra politikk til sport og fra forskningsjournalistikk til reportasjer om terrorisme. Vi undersøker hvordan individer og subjektivitet blir eksponert i nyheter og featureartikler, og i journalistikkens bilder, enten det er i fotografier eller karikaturtegninger. Vi analyserer dessuten hvordan subjektive synspunkter kommer til uttrykk i journalistenes dialog med digitale mediebrukere.

Et mål med boken er å vise fram noe av den variasjonen som finnes. I tillegg ønsker forfatterne å bidra til debatten om hvilken retning dagens journalistikk går. Denne vitenskapelige antologien springer ut av forskergruppen Individeksponering i journalistikken ved Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus (Index) og har bidragsytere fra flere europeiske land.


Putting a Face on It analyses and discusses how subjectivity and exposure of individuals now affect most journalistic topics and genres: from politics to sports journalism, from science journalism to journalism about terrorism. Individual exposure and subjectivity affect news and features, photos and front pages, and are at the core of an increasing dialogue with digital media users. One aim of this book is therefore to present some of this variation. Another is to contribute to the discourse about the present state of journalism and where it is heading.

Putting a Face on It will appeal to researchers, teachers, students, writers, journalists and other media-interested readers.


Author Biographies

Nina Blom Andersen

Nina Blom Andersen is Docent and Head of Research in the Emergency and Risk Management programme at Metropolitan University College in Copenhagen. She has a background in communication studies at Roskilde University where she has carried out research on disaster communication since 2004. Her research projects have focused on the interplay between citizens, authorities and the media in crises and emergencies.

Isabel Bech

Isabel Bech is earning her Master’s degree in journalism at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) and is currently working as a journalist at NTB - The Norwegian News Agency.

Tine Ustad Figenschou

Tine Ustad Figenschou is Associate Professor at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). Figenschou is currently involved in two research projects on media and health. Her main research interests are media and elites, mediatization processes and mediated marginalization. Figenschou has published widely in international journals.

Birgitte Kjos Fonn

Birgitte Kjos Fonn is Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). She holds a PhD in History, is Editor of the journal Mediehistorisk Tidsskrift, and has written monographs and articles about media history. Economic journalism is another of her research interests. Fonn is a former foreign news journalist, and currently the coordinator of HiOA’s nonfiction prose programme.

Anders Gjesvik

Anders Gjesvik is Assistant Professor of Journalism at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). He is a former journalist with a specialisation in feature journalism. He has done research on the representation of homosexuals in the media.

Ingvild Tennøe Haugen

Ingvild Tennøe Haugen is a Master’s degree student in journalism and media studies at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). She has experience as a producer, director, developer and project manager in TV-productions. She has also worked as a freelancer.

Harald Hornmoen

Harald Hornmoen  is Professor of Journalism at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). His research interests include risk and environmental communication, science journalism and literary journalism. He has coordinated RESCUE, a multidisciplinary, international research project on the use of social media during crises. Hornmoen is head of the research group “Individual Exposure in Journalism” at HiOA.

Nathalie Hyde-Clarke

Nathalie Hyde-Clarke is PhD and Head of the Department of Culture and Communication at Arcada University of
Applied Sciences (Helsinki, Finland), and Docent in Media and Communications with the University of Helsinki. Her previous position was in South Africa, and much of her research has been inspired by that country’s cultural diversity and journalistic practices.

Yngve Benestad Hågvar

Yngve Benestad Hågvar, yngve.hagvar@hioa.no, is Associate Professor, PhD, at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). His dissertation (2016) explored the relationship between news genres in print and online newspapers. Hågvar has published a number of qualitative analyses of journalistic texts, particularly in the field of Critical Discourse Analysis. His text book on discourse analysis of newspaper texts, Å forstå avisa (2007), is commonly used in journalism and media studies at Norwegian universities.

Maria Konow Lund

Maria Konow Lund PhD and Associate Professor at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) (currently an EU-funded Marie Curie Slodowska-scholar at Cardiff University, Wales). Her research interests include altering conditions and innovation within news production both for institutions and actors (online and in broadcasting), altering conditions during crises events, how competing social media platforms might affect news production, and innovation within investigative journalism.

Eva-Karin Olsson

Eva-Karin Olsson is a Professor at the Department of Security, Strategy, and Leadership at the Swedish Defence University. Her research interests focus on journalism, as well as on political and strategic communication. She has published work in books and peer-reviewed journals such as Journalism, the International Journal of Press/Politics, Public Relations Inquiry, and the Journal of Public Relations Research.

Hugh O'Donnell

Hugh O’Donnell is Professor of Language and Popular Culture at Glasgow Caledonian University. He has published widely on national and international news, sports and national identity, television drama, and more recently the cultural aspects of tourism. He is currently co-editing a book on Brexit and the media for Palgrave Macmillan.

Silje Pileberg

Silje Pileberg is a freelance journalist who writes factual articles for various Norwegian magazines. She also has broad experience from science communication. Her Master’s thesis was a practical and theoretical journey into the field of narrative science journalism. One of the narrative science stories won the Norwegian prize for good science journalism, Vis-prisen.

Anne Hege Simonsen

Anne Hege Simonsen is Associate Professor at the Oslo and Akershus University College for Applied Sciences (HiOA), and a former journalist and newspaper editor. Her academic background is in social anthropology, and she holds a PhD in Visual Studies. She is the author and coauthor of several academic and non-fiction books and articles. Her fields of interest are migration, transnationalism, minorities, walls/borders, photography, foreign reporting, freelancing and journalism education.

Steen Steensen

Steen Steensen is Professor of Journalism and Head of the Departement of Journalism and Media Studies at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA). He has published widely on topics such as digitisation and journalism, journalism and professionalism, theory in journalism studies, and literary journalism. He has a background as journalist and non-fiction writer and is Associate Editor of the journal Journalism Practice.

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December 21, 2017


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